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Me as a daytime “Feature Guest”, Down Under
Radio New Zealand, Nine To Noon (10 October, 2012)

“Says what’s wrong with objective reporting (hint: it’s impossible), and why news needs an activist agenda, like my story.”

On gangsters, drugs and other stuff in my memoir…
Funemployment, Portland, Podcast (24 September, 2012)

“All you might care to know about me, the Balkans and the media (and plenty more besides), in an animated 10-minute three-way.”

An hour-long show on American public radio
KERA, Dallas, Think (13 September, 2012)

“An extended exploration of the story; all that’s good about U.S. talk radio, including a hostile call from a Texan listener.”

From psychosis to publication, and the screen?
Resonance FM, London, Clear Spot (17 October, 2012)

“Highlights the visual aspects of my memoir, and its potential as a film. If anyone knows a director who’d be up for that…”

A probing discussion on ethics, in news and elsewhere
KBOO, Portland, Between Us (28 September, 2012)

“Begins with some searching questions on my conduct, and moves on to share thoughts on love and the need for compromise.”

Late-night chat with a Balkan DJ in California
KKUP, Cupertino, Conversations (19 September, 2012)

“Memories from Eastern Europe, touching on ‘issues of war and peace, woman and men, death and taxes, art and culture.’ Jeste!”

Learning from my activist illusions, in Seattle
Hollow Earth, Seattle, Podcast (25 September, 2012)

“On Not Everybody’s Got a Job, we reflect on my ‘effort to change the world via a music festival’, and other crazed ideas.”

Musings on seeking truth and finding meaning
Asheville FM, Notes From The Underground (9 Sep, 2012)

“An exchange about being radicalised by accident, the power of music, and the need to interrogate news (also followed up here).”

Why smoking dope helped free my mind as a reporter
Radio City 96.7, Liverpool, My Story (26 July, 2012)

“A man with lots of stories helps puts mine into broader context. In 20 minutes, we cover journalism, smuggling and anarchy.”

An Australian national treasure calls me a guru
ABC Radio National, Life Matters (24 July, 2012)

“An entertaining summary of my book, which can only really teach how not to do it, whatever it is, while hitting rock bottom.”



Interview on Breaking the Set
A two-way on bias with RT America’s Abby Martin (18 September, 2012)

Interview with Alex Jones
A clash of worldviews, as seen on (2 October, 2012)

Frequently Asked Questions
By Patrick Chalmers, author of Fraudcast News (Spring, 2012)



A modern Kerouac with “page-turner brilliance”
By Anita Venezia, Alive (November, 2012)

“I was more interested in Daniel Simpson the journalist, than Daniel Simpson the concert-promoting drug-dealing addict […] his brilliance as a writer is what defines him.”

The New York Times journalist who quit in disgust
By Mat Ward, Green Left Weekly (4 July, 2012)

“Unlike most mainstream media journalists, Simpson is deeply introspective, constantly questioning how he sees the world… Maybe comedy will prove his calling.” Also in NYT Examiner.

A Times journalist no more
Socialist Worker, United States (10 July, 2012)

“We should be skeptical of binary analysis, like corporate bad, independent good, especially if the former does most of the reporting that the latter reinterprets.” Also in CounterPunch.