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Pain on both sides: a “rollicking” moral crash course
By Kenan Trebincevic, The Brooklyn Rail (December, 2012)

A Bosnian enjoys my “humorous” tale of trying to save Serbs from themselves, concluding: “It’s hard not to agree with Simpson: Serbia has no hope for change in the near future”.

A modern Kerouac with “page-turner brilliance”
By Anita Venezia, Alive (November, 2012)

“I was more interested in Daniel Simpson the journalist, than Daniel Simpson the concert-promoting drug-dealing addict […] his brilliance as a writer is what defines him.”

A gonzo kind of Bildungsroman
By Marc Schuster, Small Press Reviews (September, 2012)

“Reminiscent of Hunter S. Thompson […] a compelling critique of the media, international politics, and, ultimately, the author himself. An insightful and thoroughly enjoyable read.”

The painful rootlessness of the foreign correspondent
By Andrew Gray, The Herald (August, 2012)

“In telling his story, he has found an ideal home for original, colourful and opinionated prose that would never have made the news wires of Reuters or the news pages of the Times.”

Gonzo Englishman Parachutes into Balkans
By Ivan G. Goldman, Red Room (August, 2012)

“Simpson ably relates from the inside how Times editors were hoodwinked into ordering up stories that – given their foolish premise – could only result in erroneous, misleading crap.”

Covering the Balkans
By Danielle Sottosanti, Souciant (August, 2012)

“Simpson’s disillusionment didn’t stop him from exploiting the Times’ prestige. He used it to set up meetings with officials such as the former NATO secretary general Javier Solana…”


See here for interviews.

Broadcasting or fraudcasting?
By Danny Schechter, Al Jazeera (3 July, 2012)

“For more insights about the news world […], you have to turn to someone with less celebrity and more knowledge of its real function. Someone such as Daniel Simpson, perhaps.”


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